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Press Release

13 May, 2016     The Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin and the GuyExpo Committee take this opportunity to thank everyone for attending GuyExpo 2016. We were very appreciative of the hundreds of attendees that attended the exposition opening.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Independent Guyana. It is a very significant milestone and it gives us a chance to take stock and to refocus. As such the hosting of GuyExpo 2016 brings together the best of Guyanese businesses and reflects a new and healthy partnership between our public and private sectors.

We thank the residents of Lamaha Gardens and commuters for their understanding about traffic disruption due to inclement weather within the National Exhibition Center and measurers are being out in place.

The Committee understands these measures may bring inconvenience to the persons, and the committee sincerely hopes for understanding and support.

To ensure that the event run smoothly, we are asking all persons visiting the exhibition to carpool due to limited parking available and to reduce possible traffic congestions.

Once again we thank you for your understanding and support.