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Investing in Guyana

Guyana is an emerging economy with enormous untapped potential. The country’s geographic position at the gateway to the Caribbean and South America, combined with its natural resources, access to key export markets, English-speaking population and affordable labor present investors with profitable opportunities to do business in Guyana.

Supported by stable macroeconomic policies, attractive investment incentives, a regulatory environment and corporate tax regime that do not discriminate against foreign investors, Guyana also provides investors favorable conditions to do business. Guyana offers potential investors - foreign and domestic alike - investment opportunities over a broad spectrum of activities, particularly in export-oriented industries.

Opportunities include mature, yet often lucrative sectors, such as mining, timber, sugar, rice and seafood, as well as emerging sectors such as non-traditional agriculture (e.g. fruits and vegetables), agro processing, aquaculture, value-added wood products, light manufacturing, tourism and IT-enabled services (e.g. call centers, medical transcription). In particular, the enormous growth potential of Guyana’s non-traditional sectors remains essentially untapped.

Investors will find doing business in Guyana rewarding if they are able to leverage Guyana’s access to markets, favorable operating environment, and various investment incentives to establish or expand operations in sectors of opportunity. The Government of Guyana seeks to work with current and potential investors to facilitate investment in the following industries that have tremendous growth potential.