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Brief History of the Expo

What began as an activity that attracted close to 200 exhibitors in 1995 is today Guyana’s biggest expo with over 460 businesses, both local and international participating annually, all given the occasion to present their locally produced goods and services.

GuyExpo became an annual event in 2004, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Keith Burrowes, and is now the longest sustained exhibition in the Caribbean, in that year; the organizers took cognizance of the growth and interdependence of international trade and opened the exhibition to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and other regional exhibitors.

With its genesis as a biennial activity, GuyExpo has now morphed a national event which offers business associates the opportunity to meet, network, and negotiate with international companies and establishments, as well as showcase their skills, talents and creative work, on an annual basis.

From its inception to now, under the stewardship of past coordinators, including Mrs. Sattie Sawh, Mr. Percival Boyce, Mr. Ronald Doorgen, Mr. Ohene Koama and presently Mrs. Tameca Sukhdeo- Singh , the focus has remained on the development of small and medium sized enterprises, thereby ensuring that local businesses enjoy the level of growth and expansion that is needed for them to remain competitive at the regional and international levels.

The GuyExpo Planning Committee would like to take the chance to pay homage to those business which has grown along with the expo from its genesis, including A H and L Kissoon, Toolsie Persaud Limited, Banks DIH, Demerara Distillers Limited, Geddes Grant and Gafoors.

Since its humble beginnings GuyExpo has come a long way under the patronage of six Honourable Tourism and Business Ministers- including , Michael Shree Chand, Geof Da Silva, Manzoor Nadir, Manniram Prashad, Irfaan Ali and now Minister Dominic Gaskin.